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So, the guy that did the (successful?) attempt at removing the necrotic tissue from my pancreas is a GI guy. He's not my main doctor, but he's (one of) the reason I chose to come to UMMC. My primary doctors are surgeons. And, well, if what he did worked, they're now out of a job. The GI guy figured I could go home today, the surgeons wanted to give me a feeding tube and keep me till Monday when I can get a CT. I think the surgeons have been under the impression that I was currently experiencing necrotic pancreatitis, rather than recovering from a post-surgical infection of the already necrotic tissue in my pseudocyst. So, they figure I'm having digestive issues, etc, when I really wasn't. I'm still gunna be in the hospital till Monday (it's saturday night), and have a CT scan done, but I don't think I need to have the feeding tube. I'm able to eat fine with no pain/discomfort. So, two more days of IV fluids and being in a hospital (at least I finally got a menu so I could pick my poisons).

They have finally (i've been 2 days now clear liquids/real food) decided to drop my IV to KVO (keep vein open), rather than 100 ml/hr. My pee today has been something like straw colored.

Overall, pain is gone. I can press down anywhere on my belly, and have no pain from it. I get full when I eat. I still have gas. Not terribly annoying, but a little bit.

Just waiting for Monday. =)
Tags: hospital, pain, surgical recovery

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