-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

waiting for MRI maybe endoscopic stuff tomorrow

Still no MRI/MRCP thing done. Plan is to try endoscopically make a larger hole between my stomach and pseudocyst, and even stick a 10mm metal stent in to keep it open. I've been tired tired.. Doctor told me that I had an albumin of 4 (normal is over 20). Albumin is a good chunk of the protein in the liquid part of blood (not the cells). It helps a bit with fluid regulation and other things. It is also an indicator of nutrition in the last few months. I know my appetite has been pretty small, but I've been trying the Weight Watchers Points Plus program for a while, and using all of my points on it (until the last week when I knew I couldn't really eat). So, now I'm just not sure the WWPP plan is right for me. I'm basically wasting away (not a good thing). Sure, I am still overweight and have fat, but I've become weaker, and probably lost muscle mass. Whatever happens will happen. I think they're going to take me down for the MRI in a little while, the nurse just got off the phone with them.
Tags: hospital, pain, surgery, surgical recovery

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