-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

Almost 2 weeks post-surgical recovery

I'm pretty much not sore.. Feeling pretty good most of the time. The steri-strips have been falling off in little bits and pieces. I was kinda surprised. I expected them to come off like bandaids. My other wound is healing fine. It's got a layer of tough skin over the exposed part, and no signs of infection.

I am still eating pretty small meals. Makes going out to dinner cheaper (since I have leftovers, and leftovers). I guess doing Weight Watchers is probably "helping" too. I figure I should use this chance to lose as much weight as possible (within healthy limits). I've lost nearly 30 lbs since I went into the hospital in January (so, 3 months). Granted, about 20 lbs were lost in the few days after the initial hospitalization (I was NPO for at least 5 or 6 days in there, but they filled me up with TONS of fluids). I think I peed out at least 10 lbs right after I came home. So, I guess since early February, I've only lost about 10 lbs, but that's something (and probably healthier than 20 lbs in 10 days). While weight loss isn't really about the recovery, I think previous weight gain (and crappy diet) was the cause of the gallstones that are likely the cause of the pancreatitis. The severity, no clue. I think my severe acute necrotizing pancreatitis was something that occurs in well less than 5% of pancreatitis cases. So, with that I was unlucky. With the development of the pancreatic pseudocyst was pretty likely (I think like a 50% chance). The size (~11x7x8) and the fact that it was probably symptomatic (intermittent pains I was feeling between mid-February and when I was scheduled for removal), was a bit less likely, but maybe normalish because of the amount of necrotic pancratic tissue (they say I lost like 50% of it).

So, now I just want to get myself down to a more healthy weight, and get back into exercising. It hasn't been two weeks yet, so I haven't started running. I did hang out on a recumbent stationary bicycle to the Couch to 5k plan. There are some iPhone apps for it. Before the surgey, i was doing a couch to 10k app. I was up to week 4, I think. At this point, I'll probably try to ease back into it. Since I'm heavy, I'll probably wait till at least week 4 before running (I'm paranoid my belly will do untoward things to the internal surgical bits). Who knows.

On the bright side, I have plans to do a week long Wilderness First Responder course in Pennsylvania in July. It will end on my birthday. So, I kinda consider it a birthday present to myself. It'll be a week of car camping, I think.

On the not so bright side, I think my husband has had the "Man-flu". http://manflu.info Luckily, as a woman, I am naturally immune to the man-flu (I have an XX chromosome where he's got XY). So, if I come down with a "little cold", it will be nothing in comparison to all of the coddling he requires to stay healthy. (I'm just not sure if my system will be up for getting sick right away). Seems to be a sicky feeling, starts with nasal-drip/throat issues. Heads up towards the head, or possibly the chest. Just as I'm getting my lungs back into shape! The horror!

Regardless. Next weekend, I had better be well! I have plans to go to Dracula's Ball on Saturday night, and see some old Philly friends while I'm up (I also happen to have a doctor's appointment). Maybe he'll have the surgery video! I just wanna see splooshing pancreatic goo (like the stuff that ended up being collected from my NG tube)! Hmm, if all goes well, I guess I can stop using my "sicky" usericon.
Tags: pancreatic pseudocyst gastrostomy, pseudocyst, surgical recovery

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