-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

cooking in the springtime

Mmm.. Cooking some chicken legs & thighs breaded in the oven.. and Hungairan Goulash.. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Hungarian-Goulash-II/Detail.aspx

Should be tasty.. That dish has some good reviews. I was hoping to make a pot roast with cabbage.. Alas, I'll have to find something else to make with the head of cabbage. Hmm, there's a recipe. I'm gunna butcher it. =)

Looking outside, the dead winter trees in the horizon now have green leaves. While they are pretty, I'm sad because the leaves will block my sunsets. Though, it still looks amazing with the layers of clouds out there. Like a blue white and grey striped sky, above the springy green tree leaves (not such big leaves as to hide their structure). After that, I can't wait for the awesome autumn hues. =)
Tags: gall bladder, gallbladder, pain, pancreatic pseudocyst gastrostomy, pancreatitis, recovery

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