-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

one week (again?)

Backdated some more entries about my adventures with pancreatitis and gallstones. http://antihope.livejournal.com . Oh what fun.
I forget if I updated today. I don't think I've eaten enough. Weight watchers says I have. My stomach is growling and feels empty. I think too many points went into the leftover curries I ate (lunch/dinner). Regardless, WW says I broke even.

The pain I get today is when I yawn. I'm so frustrated by it. I spent so long before having pain each time I took a deep breath/yawned. And here it comes again. I do fine/am improving when I use the incentive spirometer, but it sucks to start to inhale for a yawn and have my abdomen stop/restart it multiple times. I think it sounds pretty bad, almost like I'm in real pain. Hate to worry Aaron and I hate doing it.

I managed to do #2 a few times today. All seemed pretty normal. I figure the opioids were keeping me a bit constipated. My one suture area still doesn't look right. I didn't remove the steristrip today. I will try tomorrow.

My stomach is just being weird. I ate part of my dinner, then took a break because my stomach felt fullish. I ate the rest of it a while later. The fullness was discomfort. I don't think i ate _that_ much. Now, my stomach feels like it's growling for food. I think I'll take a zantac and maybe eat a tums, just in case it is just acidic from the curries. I stayed awake all day, but still pretty low energy. The tummy discomfort (full/empty) has lasted all day.
Tags: gall bladder, gallbladder, pain, pancreatic pseudocyst gastrostomy, pancreatitis, pseudocyst, recovery, surgical recovery

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