-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

earlier signs something might have been wrong with my gallbladder

I just looked at the calendar. I think I found one of the first times I had a more severe gallbladder attack.

Aaron was out of town, and I went to my friend's place for a birthday party. I had a backache for hours. I decided to still go to the party (who could resist). I took some alleve before I left the house. Drove the 45 minutes to my friend's place (still had the backache). I honestly can't remember how much/what I ate during that time (I'm sure it involved junk food). I just remember electing to eat an ibuprofin (another NSAID, like alleve), to get rid of the backache. Shortly after, I found myself throwing up in the bathroom. Backache persisted. No position, sitting/lying/standing helped.

I think I had been getting intermittent pain in the area right below my ribcage for at least a few weeks. I attributed that pain to heartburn. This was the first of two major (hours) backaches I got, too. Despite my husband's best intentions for me, I didn't see a doctor. I figured "who goes to the doctor for heartburn". I also didn't associate the backache with the bellyache. The vomiting I figured was associated with the NSAID. It could also have been food related. Who knows. Certainly not worth mentioning to a doctor.
Tags: backache, gall bladder, gallbladder, pain, pancreatitis, vomiting

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