-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

post-surgery day 6

Today, I just feel tired. I woke up, sat in the couch and took like 3 consecutive 15 minute naps. I got more than enough sleep. Eventually, I went to the supermarket (bus both ways), got like 2 bags of groceries.. Now I'm home.. It is kinda hot outside. I was sweating on the bus (no ac). Part of me is paranoid I have a minor infection. The rest of me accepts that I just had surgery, it is hot outside, and it is even possible I'm going through minor opiate withdraw. No real fever, last night I was like 99.6, but I was 'normal' today (fever = 100.4+ or something). Maybe I'll just try a few more naps. maybe even eat something other than chocolatey granola bars.
Tags: recovery, surgery

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