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of note today

Today seemed like a long day. I got to class fine. Rode my bike to school. Was probably only a minute or two "late" and the teaching hadn't really begun. Realized I forgot my PPT printouts, so I took notes on my netbook. I got out of class at 10, did gifting/games for a while, went to get lunch (mmmm Sesame chicken). Ate, then took the make-up math test for peds (someone decided to be 25 minutes late to a 30 minute quiz). Went back to the computer lab, finished playing, then got back to my bike..

Silly thing is missing a front wheel. Oddly, it has a note from the campus security office. I figured it was going to be someone telling me I should lock my wheels up properly and be SOL. Instead, they caught the guy as he was trying to put my wheel onto another bike (that locked only the front wheel). So, they had him handcuffed in a room in the security area, and were awaiting the police to pick him up. I'm excited. I really hate bike theives. I've had two bikes stolen and various other things. So, really, I am glad to have a chance to help prosecute one. It just took some time. I got to the security office at about 1:30, and I wasn't done the stuff until about 5pm.

Sadly, sort of, the guy is a 45ish yo homeless guy. He's listed as living in the St. John's Hospice - which is a place for homeless men to get food, assistance finding insurance, and some of them can sleep or live there and use it as an address. My community health class spent one day there doing blood pressure screening for them. I really hadn't known about the place before then.

A week or two ago, a 65ish year old man died of heart failure and perhaps drug overdose on a SEPTA bus. The driver had alerted their central commandy area (after noticing the guy was unresponsive, drooling on himself and had peed his pants), and was instructed to continue the route and wait for a manager to board. The manager got on, and instructed the driver to continue the route. The manager said the guy was breathing when (s)he got on. Upon arrival at the terminal, the man was dead. He also had the St John's Hospice as his address.

So, on one hand I'm happy to have the chance to prosecute a bike thief. But, I kinda feel bad that he's a homeless guy. But, seriously, at his age, he really should have his shit together. So, I dunno.. Mixed feelings.

On the good side, I still have my bike wheel. I got a 95 on the quiz (though, I want to know which one I got wrong!!!). I only needed a 90. But, it is stressful knowing there is no "second second chance". Failure to get a 90 on that quiz, and I'd have to drop the class (and graduate in a YEAR instead of 6 months).

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