-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

iritating facebook

Facebook is just really sucking for me.

"There are no posts in your News Feed.Find people you know to see more posts."... please...

I get that so often now, I'm afraid of reloading the feeds until they really have stopped updating.

That, and I may, or may not, have a friend's request.. That gives me an error when I try to add them. And my gift requests end up giving me errors like "you don't have any gifts waiting from xxx" - leading me to believe that list was part cached somehow.

Irritating. That, and my incredible friends filter things that aren't working for me. I can't add specific people to groups. I click to "add to group", the line bolds and gets a check, but it never says "in # groups". And it never adds them.

Minor irritations, but I'm not really into irritation in my life. (and this message was too long for a status message)

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