-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

day in day out

Today has been okay. Woke up, relaxed, took a midterm. Got free lemon iced pound cake at Starbux.. mmmmm. Free is nice. Came home. *refresh*refresh*. Yesterday's midterm was fine, I did okay - but I talked to a bunch of people that did better (that annoys me!! Hehe) Maybe I should stop refreshing until 3pm. The last 2 grades went in about then. Pharm, the grades went in about 9:30pm.

My wine temperature was down to about 65 this morning (should be between 65-75). I'm sad that my Bourgeon Rouge or whatever is almost gone (from the Wine on Tap). I have the Cabernet sauvignion/Merlot though. But, this wine takes like a YEAR to age. So, I'll probably need to make something else in the meantime. Or just drink bottles.. I've got many, still.. Maybe 30 or so. But, bottles are fun to bring places.

My birthday is tomorrow! I'm gunna be old. I'll be as old as my dad was when I was born. When he turns 70 (in January), I'll be half his age. Aaron got a job, and starts in like 2 weeks! He's excited.

For the mundane stuff, I should study and do laundry. Tomorrow is midterm and HESI for Adult 1 (med-surg). With luck, I'll do well on the HESI.. I did well on the first. Perhaps it'll be a rude awakening for me. Regardless, I should study. The boilermaker/redeye (coffee with a shot of espresso) from Starbux is alleviating my sleepyness. I haven't decided if I was going to eat the iced poundcake, though. May gift it to a guy that's still sleeping.

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