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school gym weight

I feel super exhausted. Finally got to sleep at like 3am. Woke up at 6am for classes. Had 3 2-hour classes and a 1.5 hour class (classes from 8-4:20 with a one hour break). The classes seem okay. None of the profs strike me as 'favorite' teachers. We'll see how the rest of the quarter turns out. It is busy if nothing else. There is a a lot to learn! And right now, I just feel like going to sleep. I'm somewhat happy that July 3rd and 4th are school holidays, and I don't have to attend clinical. But, I will "miss" those days. So, that'll be the next 2 weeks, I have weekends off (since this week, we show up midweek for a lab rather than for our clinical).

Then, I headed to the gym for kickboxing. Sundays I tend to do weight lifting at the gym with Aaron. The last two weeks, I added flys. When we had to jog in place, every time I came down, my pecs hurt. I had a heart rate monitor on, and my hear rate went all the way to 180 at a few points, and was staying in the 170s. I was wondering if I was going to pass out. I didn't.

It's funny. I'm already looking forward to my break in September. I really really wanna go camping.

I'm losing weight again. Makes me happy. I was stagnant for like two whole weeks! I lost another 3 or so pounds this week. We'll see how it ends up. If the scale isn't lying, I'm no longer classified as obese! Still exciting. I feel like I wrote about this already, but I'm still happy. After kickboxing, I wonder if I'll qualify as 'dead'. Tis how I feel. It's also nice to fit into pants that I bought before, but didn't fit into - especially as they get to the point where I don't fear for the buttons!

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