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Today was such a nice day. The weather was cool, the sky was mostly overcast (no evil bright sun!). Aaron and I went to Six Flags and rode on lots and lots of rides. It was a little too cool, but I'll take it compared to a little too warm. We got 6-pack tickets, so we can go 5 more times!! I hope to go at least once more. The summer has only just begun.

While there, I managed to stub my right ring finger. It hurt when I did it. I got it to bend and nothing seemed sensitive to squeezing, so I assume no breaks. I debated going to the first aid station (and it really wasn't far from where I was), but decided against it. Now it's a little swollen, and a bruise seems to be forming in the knuckle. I'm sure I'll survive.

I've been trying to diet. It has been about 4 weeks. I "cheated" on the third day during a bbq that I brought no food to (gave up entirely), the last day of classes (Friday) where I ate proportional and today at Six Flags because I just dont' think there were any "on plan" foods (no added salt, sugar, fat). Even the sushi had some forbidden avocado (I could have picked it out) and probably adds sugar to the rice. For chinese, I looked for the least greasy food I could get (black pepper chicken), "steamed" vegetables (with a bit of oil) and white rice. So, overall, I could have done a lot worse. No ice cream for me (despite wearing the Ben and Jerry's t-shirt). No extra snacks.

The diet is frustrating me overall, though. I've been on it for nearly 4 weeks, lost about 10 lbs the first 2 weeks, and nothing since. I think I'm eating about 1200 calories, and not losing weight! I'll try to give it another week or so, but I may try to add some extra calories in. I wonder if I am starving myself, since some days I feel HUNGRY even though I ate every 2.5-3 hours. I figure I'll gain some tomorrow due to water. But, maybe I'll break the weight hold by Friday. I'm only a few pounds from being out of the "obese" range. And I can fit into some of my other clothes, my belly isn't horribly noticible now, and my double chin is fading. I should stick with the diet since it really isn't that bad. Just a little pain. Not a huge one.

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