-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

diet question

So, I'm chubby. Could stand to lose a bunch of weight. I try hard to eat 'healthy' (lots of vegetables, few salty snacks). I feel like I'm limited in time. I have an aversion to living off of "microwave" meals (too much sodium and other 'processing') stuff. I think my "worst" times are when I get junk food at school/work (cafeteria and food truck food). Well, that and ice cream (but we won't talk about that).

Anyone have suggestions that they use for weight loss? I just ordered the 6 week body makeover thing http://www.mybodymakeover.com . I figured it would be a challenge. But, really, I think I want something that gives me a real live menu to cook. Then again, I really don't feel like I've got enough time to cook.

So, what has worked for people with dieting? I was almost tempted to try something like nutrisystem (but that menu looked like a bunch of spaghetti, and then I had to still buy veggies), or diet2go (which had a much tastier looking menu, but cost 2x as much). Both of those were still a bit higher in sodium than I'd want. The 6WBMO program seems to involve cooking, and low sodium (no added salt). Some stuff seems impossible (no dairy). But, I figured I'd try it.

What worked for you guys?

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