-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

midterms are creeping up

I need to pay more attention to the relative "value" of the assignments I do. Spending hours and hours stressing over something that is "pass/fail" is pointless.

Otherwise, school is fine. I think I've got 90s on all of my quiz grades, except one (Bastard!). I screwed up on Health Assessment, and suffered a 76.67%. Passing in this program is 76%. I don't like to be just scraping by. Not sure how I'll do in the rest of the quarter. Midterms are sneaking up - starting tomorrow. I'd be happy if my grades don't change much. I'd _like_ to get all A's. A's are 92 and above. A+ is 96. The +/- system is kinda neat... I hope it doesn't bite me in the ass!

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