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Well, I've been home for 36 hours from my trip to Hawaii. I'm feeling better than yesterday. Yesterday, I was tired as hell, and I think I got some food poisoning from my Fritatta, since about 5-6 hours after I ate it, I was throwing up. My abdomen/lower-chest was very painful, too. Part of me was wondering if I was having a heart attack or a blood clot from the flight, but I figured my heart was OK since I had a radial pulse. I am a dork. I opted to not call Aaron or an ambulance for fear of wasting everyone's time (and money).

Today, I woke up at about 2:30 pm after getting crappy sleep all night long. Tonight, I plan on taking a melatonin to get back "on schedule" or whatever.

I'm making my book list for school. I got the excel file from an email, and I'm reading suggestions from people about what (not) to buy. Looks like four are sensible to buy, and 4 more are a general waste of time. I wonder how much money is worth spending for a waste of time. Knowing that I am _not_ a book person, should I buy books that are 'required' (according to school) but are horrible or are rarely used by people on the forums I read?

I'm in the last 2 weeks before classes start. I have an orientation on Monday. Thursday or Friday, Aaron and I will go to Boston for a 'vacation'. But, I will have to leave on Sunday night. I'm thinking of a 6ish hour train that leaves at 9:45am or so and will arive in Philly about 5am. Then, I have to figure out what to do from 5 until 8, when Orientation begins. I'm thinking I can 'clean up' at the gym, since I will have my photo ID taken that day (probably morning). I will do laundry tonight. What do I wear for orientation??? Sometimes I realize I'm a girl (when I stress over what to wear to xyz event).

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