-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

spring cleaning

I am a huge packrat. I've got crap from, well, tons of stuff accumulated since I was 16, and a few things from before. Today, I opened up a box that has been hiding under my scanner. It had crap from around the time I got hired in '02. It is probably the box from a drawer in a desk. It is complete with stuff you can find around me now - bike stuff (chain grease, lights), random papers, earrings, some makeup (mixed in with pens), a bunch of CDs (these were of divx videos). Stuff that is of no use to me, basically some lighters (I don't smoke anymore).

It's funny, since there's an 'earlier' box in my bedroom that has stuff from up to '99. I've also got some more recently created boxes full of crap. I'm looking forward to next month. I plan on getting rid of them FOREVER (or at least until I create a new one).

March shall be my organizing month. I'll somehow find a way. I want to get rid of the boxes, bins and chests of junk. It's just disturbing. I get sentimental looking at the 5-year warranty from the camera I bought in '98.

I also saw 4 advantix cartridges from photos. I used Advantix until about 2002, when I phased in my digital camera. I previously developed like 15 rolls of the stuff. So, now i get 4 more mystery rolls. My goal with these is to be able to sort through the huge box of photos I've got. Digitalize them (as I have done to most of the other), and probably get rid of the prints that don't interest me. I want to be able to see what I have prints of, and scan those I don't have (or at least make a box of 'photos to scan'). And, I want to do it all NOW. As per usual.

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