-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

skiing at Spring Mountain

I went skiing today. It was fun. Didn't go too far, like 30 miles away. Spring Mountain or something. The powder was pretty icy in spots, a little softer at other points. I only fell down once, just before I was getting onto the ski lift the first time. I guess the little path to the chairs was icy and I wasn't expecting it. I did the splits (but got out with help) coming off of a ski lift. I'm sure none of my trips off of the lift chairs were reasonable, but I managed to stay up. Even went down another hill later. I was scared out of my mind since the skis didn't slow down for me.

I went with my friend Abhijit. Met his girlfriend, Kristen, and two more of his friends (married couple). Kristen hurt her knee at some point (not terribly, just a bruise). The female of the couple (Livia?) fell a few times but ended up seeming to have an okay time. She stayed very slow the whole time. I forget the guys's name, but he became ill. Initially, he was a really really bad skiier. He fell down almost every time during the beginners lesson. He never made it far without falling. Then, he got a headache, and went to lie down. Then spent some time throwing up. After we left, they dropped me off home, and he still needed to stop to throw up. I'm sure he'll be fine, but I feel bad his experience was so terrible.

I figure my knees will bug me, and my wrists from a few moments with the poles. My shins are sore from the boots. But, no falls (except that first little one) so I think I'm only going to be a little sore tomorrow, rather than bedridden. It is not too late, but I could definitly use some sleep.

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