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Friday, I picked up a new iPhone to replace my stolen one. I only got the 8 gig one. Tacked on a case, and a new (half price) earpiece (my old one broke). That ran me $518. Frustrating. I like to think I can "afford" it, but I don't really know. I am glad I have an iPhone. I Synced it at work (on the same computer I've synced the old one on). It updated my contact list. It is really nice not to have to load all of my contacts individually. I was also really happy to see most of the photos I had taken were synced back to the phone. Also, the scores from my solitaire program.

I really liked the iPhone before. Sorry, I had no legitimate gripes (I want it smaller, but with the same size screen - not physically possible). The ability to use a stylus, on the other hand, would be nice. I think I can improve on the typing though. But, after the re-sync, and to find my phone kept all of those details. I was just happy. I wonder what the other woman would have done if her phone had been stolen. Perhaps she would have lost all of her contacts and other stuff on the phone. I think getting that stuff back is a real pain in the butt. Sure, it sucks to lose my phone, but at least I kept the 'important' stuff. And in the end, I'm not choosing between food and a phone. So, I can't really complain there, either.

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