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Picked up some pot roast beef, 2 for 1 last night, so I decided that I'd be eating beef this week. I wonder if I eat too much red meat. Cooked a bag of black beans, barley, spinach and beef. Then, I cooked irish oatmeal with dried fruit. Then I cooked beef with broccoli and asparagus in a terriaki sauce. A bit different than last night's poutine experiment.

Went to the gym today, and realized I'm growing callouses. I don't want those. Had a good workout. I really don't know what to expect out of weight lifting. I do my arms, and one abs machine. I think like 10 different cable exercises. I've 'improved' on a few. I don't want to do my legs since I feel like I cycle enough. But, do I? Aaron and I go to the gym once/week for the weight lifting. We both get done in a bit over an hour. If I wanted to add legs in, I'd have to do it another day or extend the workout time. Maybe I could condense what I do (since I'm probably repeating a few muscle groups over and over).

The weather looks decent this week. A little chilly, but not much rain. I wonder when I'll start to train myself to wake up earlier (or if it will work). I just get worried that when I start the nursing program, I'll be expected to be at a given location between 6:30 and 8am. It sounds absolutely horrible. I wonder if that will be the hardest part for me (or if the courses will be a serious challenge, too).

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