-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,


So, someone on one of the communities I read was looking for poutine in the Philly area. I have no idea where to get it. But, the mention of it convinced me to try to make it. I got a jar of beef gravy, some 'pearl' fresh mozz balls, and 2 orders of large fries from mcd's. Kept fries in oven, microwaved beef gravy till it was hot. Microwaved the mozz balls (though it just sorta made them stick together, instead of softer than fridge temp). Put fries in plate. Add mozz clumps. Pour over beef gravy. It was quite like the crap I had in Montreal. I even feel sick to my stomach! (I'm just hoping I don't get the runs like I did then). I'm willing to try the stuff again, from a reputable establishment that has good reviews, maybe. But.. Really, it's just gross. Super slimy. It could be simply that I almost never eat fries, or use brown/beef gravy. I do enjoy fresh mozz, though.
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