-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,


My cat is (as usual) meowing. Right by my ear. It's annoying. I'd pet her if I thought it would shut her up. It won't.

I'm still sleepy. For some reason my phone battery died during the night. It was almost full before I went to bed, not sure what happened. I'm assuming I was sleeping on it, and it couldn't get reception through me. The phone was charged, I woke up, and no harm came of it. I'm sure it's exciting news.

I'm starting to get excited about school. Under 21 weeks till I start. But, now I'm wondering when I need to do stuff like get my student ID, order books (need book list) and stuff like that. I guess 5 months is still a bit early. But, WHEN?

I'm still sleepy and not feeling so well. My tummy gets mildly upset. Could be the new medication. Could be a tumor. Could be some cold going around. Could be my imagination. Next week I get Mohs surgery on the remnants of my wart. I wonder how long it will take. I'm hoping for quick, but could be all day.

Should make coffee and get sleep.
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