-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

full day 1 in Montreal

So, day two in Montreal. We woke up for the 2nd time to this loud noise. I swear, it sounds like a friggin Fog Horn. I'm thinking it may be a vacuum cleaner. Regardless, it woke us up at about 10am, which isn't so early.

First, we wandered towards China town. Ate at a buffet place, with okay food, but nothing spectacular (although, I really liked their bready things, like sesame balls with brown bean filling). After there, we went to the old part of Montreal. We wanted to check out the Science Museum, but were confused, since the sales windows seemed to be selling only IMAX tickets. In the end, I don't think they were, but the layout of the place made it seem more commercial than science, and probably not really interesting to us.

Then, we went to the Archaeology museum. Saw some of the first big stone walls built in the area. Stone walls upon walls. We watched an interesting exibition movie thing, and wandered through he rest of the museum. We also had a small presentation about the Iroqois that livced in the areas. Visited the gift shop, then left.

Our plans were to walk to the Botanical Gardens (which Aaron said were like 6k from the hotel). In the end, I think it was 7.5km of a walk for us, and took longer than we expected. The line to get in was really insane, so we just looked at the Olympic Stadium instead, then took a subway back.

Finally, we ate at Winston Churchill's or something. Says it's the first pub on Crescent street (and there are a LOT of pubs there). For desert, I got a lemon-sugar crepe. And now we're back home.
Tags: canada, montreal, vacation

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