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We're in Montreal now.  Drove most of the day, the trees were pretty.  Got to the hotel, and i just napped and napped and napped.  Finally, we went out at about 8pm.  We wandered around the area, had a few drinks at an Irish pub, wandered some more, and ended up eating and drinking some more at a brew pub.  The food and drinks were good.   On the way up, we stopped at a Pizarria in Peru, NY.  It was still in the process of being remodeled.  There was no sign.  I was using my iPhone to determine where the place was.  I think there was an "OPEN" sign, so we figured the restaurant was there.  Tasty food.  I got a meatball calzone, Aaron got Pizzza.  For dinner, I had sausage and sauerkraut, he had.. a fake pizza thing that was more crispy like a quesadilla.  Then, we found the hotel, and now I guess it's time for bed.  Tomorrow, more adventures.
Tags: canada, montreal, vacation

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