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moving pictures

I hooked up the VCR to the TV in the bedroom. I vacuumed some of the dust that had accumulated. I plugged them both in. I started watching Natural Born Killers, the directors' cut. I think I'm tired of watching now, but it was fun. I've listened to the soundtrack a few more times, so it was nice to put it back together with the movie. I think it's funny that I haven't watched a single video (vhs) since we moved here 3 years ago. Not that I've watched many DVDs. And we haven't gotten the "next generation" of moving pictures in the house.

Taking a vacation to Canada and Vermont this weekend to next week. It'll be fun. Camping a few days, staying in a B&B, and wandering the streets of Montreal. And Niagara Falls! I think Cannuck is going to be too expensive to make phone calls from, so I will probably turn it to airplane mode for the trip. Not sure if I can get wi-fi and airplane mode at the same time. But at $0.79/minute phone calls, I don't think I'm interested in talking to anyone that bad. Don't expect any photo updates, either. (Not that I do that often anyhow).

My cats poo is terribly stinky. And he won't cover it up. If he vomits, he'll happily grab anything nearby to cover it. Poo. Fuggetabout it.

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