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i phone

So, Tuesday night, I tried to update my iPhone with the new drivers. It didn't work. Phone was out of commmission. I talked to mac tech support (or was on hold) for 1 hour, 42 minutes. Luckily, Aaron had a cell phone. I guess it would be good to try to get one of those computer telephone thingies for emergencies like that (cell phones down, have no home phone). Regardless. 1 hour, 42 minutes later, my phone still didn't work, so I went to sleep. I was able to update my phone on the 2nd computer at work (the first one failed the TWO HUNDRED MEG update download 200 megs. It took 30ish minutes on the one that did get the download)... I could sync my gmail contacts (yay!). Nothing else. No big deal. I get home, start to upload my bazillion songs. Forgot to log my laptop into my desktop drive with the music. Synced (took a few hours) 4000 9-12 second spanish words. Day two, I logged in, wanted to start syncing the music. Hours pass, a few hundred or so songs get updated... I decide I want my ringtones. Uncheck the music file, since I really want the ringtones. Wait for the sync. All of my songs are gone, and will need to be (slowly and painfully) synced. So, now I'm copying song 318 of 7111 songs (and spanish words). This is going to suck. I think the reason my update failed is linked to possibly poor USB stuff (maybe USB1 instead of USB2). This may be why the sync is so painfully slow. Do I care enough to bother with a new computer? up to 553 songs.. of 7111... sigh

Wow.. I forgot to post that already. I should get to bed.

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