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books bags and boxes

Wow, my LJ seemed busy tonight. It seems like there were new posts every time I refreshed the page! Life is good. I helped Raequel move today. I'm hoping it was good training for the MS tour later this month. It was raining pretty hard, but I think I was more wet from sweat.

There was also a reminder of how much a pain in the butt it is to move a lot of stuff, so I got a bit of energy to clean some of my apartment. I tried to clear some clutter a few weeks ago. It's amazing how little actually disappears from a box or two _FULL_ of paper (usually junk mail I decide later that I don't want, also class notes). Scary how much stuff isn't yet sorted or thrown away. But, right now I think I can look at the piles of stuff and have a better understanding of how much space they'll take up in a moving truck.

I'm still trying to find things to learn before I start nursing school. I have NCLEX study guides, and a pack of 1000 Spanish Vocabulary cards - as well as some "medical spanish" books, and my old textbook from college. I asked on a nursing forum on what I should do, and many of the suggestions were to clean up and organize the house. I guess I'll try that, too!

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