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wine wine wine and ms

I'm as crazy as Aaron when it comes to my wine. Well, maybe not as crazy as he is. My primary fermenter is in my bathtub. I stuck a big container in the bathtub (see earlier LJ posty), weighted down with old textbooks (see I found a use!) and new cat litter. The bathtub is really to hard to keep the temp stable (too much ice to cool it down). The yogurt containers are partially filled with ice (if full, they break more often). I exchange the ice containers for the wet ones, and seem to be using a lot of freezer space. The idea was stolen from Aaron (who knows where he got his idea from). I'm trying to keep the temperature between 65-75 as per protocol. It started at 78, and generally gets to about 70f. It was 74 when I got home (and was in a near panic!). It ferments for a week, then I rack it, and let it sit for 10+ more days. Then I forget what I do, but I'll just focus on keeping the temp cool while it's bubbly.

I get weird Yahoo! spammers on my instant messenger. They just send a random message, usually with my username with some random chars attached to it, and some other random letter 'word'. No link. I'm not really sure what the point is. Not really sure what the point of keeping the Yahoo! up anyhow, since I rarely use it.

Anyhow, I keep reading stuff about nursing school. I don't really think I need to worry about it. I may not be a genius, but I'm not too bad. I'm sure if I apply myself, I'll do well. And I damn well expect to apply myself.

Anyhow.. For the PA Dutch, I got very little support. I need to have the $250 minimum for the City to Shore ride in by Friday. I could really use some donations if anyone has a few dollars to spare. My goal is to raise $1000, but I'm the worst fund-raiser. I'm just looking forward to this ride as being easier than the PA Dutch one (that kicked my butt). I love the City to Shore ride, and could take more people for my team.
Please donate if you can. If 10 people donate $25, then my minimum is set.

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