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I hate trying to sleep, when all the sudden, a mental jolt wakes me up. I guess I should take a melatonin to get to bed. It's only just after midnite, so normally I don't sleep before now.

I can't figure out if I should move or not. Drexel's clinicals worry me to an extent. I'll need a car, but I just don't know where the majority of them will be located. Aaron and I are thinking about moving to the Feasterville/Trevose area. The area seems safe, but it has an empty feel to it. There area lot of chain-stores, but nothing that gives the area a 'homey' sensation. I also don't know what the rest of the area is like. It seems like apartments/houses and strip malls. I didn't really see much in terms of parks, or areas I'd want to go biking. Sure, it's close to some public transportation, and highways, but what is the point of staying somewhere just to sleep? We liked the Oreland area, but that wouldn't save too much of a commute for Aaron. All these decisions make sleeping a challenge. But, I still want a motorcycle.

I think I'm dehydrated again. My lips are dry. I'm just not thirsty.

Anyone know how the finanical aid stuff works for school. My semester at Drexel starts in March. It is technically in the 2008-2009 school year. Does that mean I should have already applied for aid? I guess it doesn't matter terribly, as I'll likely have all loans. I just don't know what to do, especially now that Fannie Mae or whatever has gone under. How will it all affect me getting loans for school? My credit is fine (not spectacular, but equal to or better than US average), so getting a loan shouldn't be impossible.

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