-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

nothing much to say

Shopping is bad. I guess I did okay. I ordered a tent. It's pretty and orange.

I was going to get a sleeping bag. Then, I decided I should wait. At first, I was gunna get one, but I think it'll be too short for me. Then, I wanted another one. Then, I figured if I got both, Aaron could use one. Then, I decided I'd rather wait a bit, and look into it more. That's not saying I will. But, I should. I'm still searching.. I should probably go to sleep. The shipping date for the sleeping bag is the 18th. I wonder if it'll come early, then I wanna go campy!

We're gunna look at some more houses/apartments this weekend. I'm not sure if we're really going to get one, though. The idea of moving sounds nice. Find a place that I can have a motorcycle, etc. But, the reality is that this place is spacious, not too expensive, and really close to the R5 and 100 lines.

I'm still anxiously waiting for the letter(s) from Drexel. Each day that passes and I find the mailbox lacking, I'm sad. I can't wait to start planning for it. Lately, I've spent my train time trying to (re)learn Organic Chemistry. Once I get the letter from Drexel (ensuring me that I won't have to deal with organic), then I'll change my study focus. I'll debate Spanish and Pharmacology. Maybe both. Spanish would be useful to know, but I also think getting a head start on a difficult subject would be useful. Aaron votes for Pharmacology. Everything still feels up in the air until I get my complete confirmation of real live acceptance. (next year I'll deal with the headache of financial aid/loans).

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