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My tummy is going to explode. I cooked a bit today. Made two mushrrom, bacon and cheddar quiches. Then, I cooked some beans and am now making bacony baked beans (the bag of beans with the rest of the bacon and grease, and some brown sugar for good measure). I'm also baking a few squashes (acorn and butternut).

Tonight, Aaron and I had my celebratory for getting into nursing school dinner. We went to Iron Hill Brewery in Phoenixville. I had a 12 oz ribeye steak (with a really yummy garlic and something coating), mashed potatoes (mmmmm) and asparagus (mmmmmm). Aaron got a black olive pizza. We started off with the sweet potato fries. Then, I finished off with an oatmeal cake with a scoop of ice cream. Aaron got some scary chocolate mountain thing with peanut butter. I tasted his, and my whole face scrunched up. I think I don't like peanutbuttery cakey stuff. For beer, I think they ended up with a lot of borbon stuff, since those were 3 of the specials. I tried the belgian triple boch, but I think I didn't like it, nor grow to like it much. Aaron had the burbony pig iron porter, and then he got a hefeweizen which I traded my triple for. He had too much to drink, so I, slowly, rode home. There was one person (old lady) that was actually driving so slow that _I_ had to pass. But, nothing close to an accident. I'm not escared to drive, I just need some more experience.

We may move to the Levittown area. If I get a zone 4 trans pass, it'll cost like $163/mo. That's lotsa moneys. I can do some of it pre-tax or whatever through work, but it's still expensive.

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