-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

whirlwind vacations

I don't think I went into any detail about my trip to Portland. Becki, Paul, Jefferson and Mason are all doing well. The kids have lots of energy, love exploring, and not afraid of sleeping in a tent! First night, I arrived, took a $50 cab ride to her place.

Saturday, went to a street fair and did grocery shopping via bus. Later, rented a car.

Sunday, after many false starts, drove to Seaside, and went paragliding. Had a lot of fun. It was pretty much what I was hoping for. Unlike skydiving, the harness comes complete with a *SEAT*. So, rather than dangling from the straps, it's more of a sit down view. Flew kites on beaches, rode the carousel 3 or 4 times, and stayed in Seaside.

Monday, we drove to Tillamuck. Wandered around debating what to do. Finally decided to go home and prepare for some camping on Tuesday night.

Tuesday, got off to a late start. Hit a campground that was too close to train tracks. Camped (and got little sleep). Wednesday, had breakfast in a diner place in Stevenson, WA (big portions, decent food). Then, we hit a fish hatchery. Finally, back home. Ate ice cream (including some Licorice that turned my poo GREEN, but that may be a natural color), then drove to the airport. When I wandered from the directions to find gas, I got sunblinded by sunset and crud on the windshield, hit a curb and got a flat tire. Nearly cried, but was helped by someone to put on the spare (those crank things are WEEIIRRD). Then, I was off to the dealership (late, of course, but found a gas station to fill up, at least).

The flight was delayed. I was getting delerious. Eventually it set off to Philadelphia. Got to my train station, and dropped a thermos I bought in Seaside between the train and the tracks. Since it was in the middle of a long platform with no easy access, I left it behind.

I'm planning my year of nursing school. Well, moreso, planning the time after work, before I begin. In my head, the plans include a motorcycle trip down Rt 1 or I-10, and a tent.

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