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After work today, I did an endurance training ride thing. Just did a bunch of laps in Collingswood around Cooper River. I think we did about 27 miles. Not bad. I just think of it as 1/3 of day 1. We averaged about 15 mph or so. That was after my 10 miles in to work and work. I feel pretty beat from it. Wondering how I'll feel tomorrow. Life feels pretty busy. The weekend weather is looking better when I change the forcast to Lancaster, rather than Bryn Mawr. I save like 3 degrees each day. Looks like highs around 90, and muggy. MMMMM.. pleasant rides. I also had a flat tire upon leaving work today. Makes me wonder how far I rode with it being flat and not noticing.

I phone is still fun. I found a use for it today when I helped give directions to someone giving me a ride home. He didn't get a chance to see the exciting 3-d molecule program, but it's ok. I did, and it was fun.

I put on enough ringtones to feel like there are at least some that I can use. I can worry about more another time. iPhone addiction wasn't so bad today.. only down to 1/3 battery, as opposed to the warning messages I was getting yesterday. I even watched a movie or two. I was happy to find out that I can click on a YouTube video posted on my LiveJournal, and it will play "correctly' on the phone.

I'm feeling very sleepy. Maybe I should take some ibuprofen and alcohol before bed.

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