-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

death race 2008

I'm a good girl according to the state of PA. I'm cleared for working with children from Childline. I'm also cleared by the police people. Not that I'm surprised, but I did open the letters just to make sure. I'm at the point that I can start to gather the things together for my Harcum and Jefferson applications - which will ahve to include another set of CCP transcripts since they sent the ones with the NR grade.

This weekend is looking. Well. HOT. I'm doing the MS Pennsylvania Dutch bike tour. 150 miles to and from Lancaster. July isn't going to fail me, so it will have highs in the low/mid 90s. If I die, it was nice knowing everyone.

I'm not fund raising for myself now, but my team could really use some help getting the minimums up (I was lazy and just paid $250). If anyone cares to make a donation to the team, the funds can be allocated to members that had a hard time getting donations. It's easier to donate in the nice weather than to ride that stuff in the mad heat.

So, the iPhone is fun. I really want a nice system like this BlogIt, that can update all of the journals I created, which just get carbon copies of public entries. YouTube is fun. Playing on the internet is fun. I am sure I'll get "over" the initial obsession with it, and move on to other things.

Next weekend (not this weekend) I'll be in Portland! YaY!

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