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Had my 3rd exam in A&P today. I think I did okay, but not great. It seemed to be an easier test, though, so the curve may not be so great in my favor. I still need to study for my lab exam on Thursday. I'll also get the 3rd class exam back then. With some effort, I should get the A in the class, my GPA will climb to something nice (3.39) and I'll get into one of the nursing programs I apply to (or all of them!). I am _still_ debating the STARS program at Harcum. I guess I should apply to it. Would I truly die if I had to give up every single weekend for a year? Or would it just suck? I really don't know. I'll likely give up plenty of Saturdays in Drexel's program, and not positive about Jefferson's. But, I don't know how to deal with all weekends for a year.

The rest of the world seems okay. Tried to call my dad twice so far, and didn't get an answer.

Still no word from Drexel.

Still fund raising for the MS City to Shore ride ( I ended up paying the $250 minimum for the PA Dutch myself), so now I'll just focus on the City to Shore.

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