-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

mundane days

I guess there's not much more exciting stuff going on tonight. I feel busy a lot, even though I don't do stuff all the time. We didn't go to Gay Bingo last night. I did get my CPR training done, then I came home, after riding back in the icky heat, and took a long nap. I took a long nap after skydiving, too. I figure the naps were necessary since I woke up so early both days. I'd rather sleep in, but it's not always possible.

I'll be getting a little more dental work done. It is expensive, and seems like it will be neverending. Granted, not much is pressing right now, I just think of how much worse my teeth will become over the years. Maybe implants will be cheaper by the time I really need them (unlike now when some would be nice, but not necessary).

I was thinking of how to pay for skydiving. The idea of using some of the money I inherited from my grandmother towards it. Then I realized she'd probably disapprove of me doing it to begin with (and she'd also disapprove of me getting a motorcycle). That woman was an amazing woman, but I think "risky" sports made her (probably sensibly) worried. But it has helped pay for classes, so that's good. Still no word from Drexel, but I think it's only been just over a month (I think the application was complete complete(ish) May 8th). They suggest 6-8 weeks to hear a response, or 4-6 weeks with some applications taking longer according to an email. It's been what, 5? Waiting is horrible.

It's father's day. I should probably call mine. I wonder if he's awake, yet.

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