-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

monkey free skydiving!

I survived skydiving. Did instructor assisted deployment. I completely screwed up the getting out of the plane thing. Slowly climbed out, then couldn't hold onto the plane bar for even a second, so I just flew back and apparently 'rolled' a bit. I wasn't terribly worried, and didn't really expect to be able to hold onto the thing for any period of time. Landing went well. I did fall to my side, but only because I didn't feel like trying to make a perfect landing (and risk hurting something). The landing instructions were great. I could hear the radio crystal clear and I think I followed the instructions pretty well (need to learn how to do the getting out of the plane part better). I much prefer the monkey-free jump to the tandem. It's a lot cheaper, and I actually get to learn more about what I'm doing. I should try to build up my hand/arm strength so I can actually drop properly. But, I wasn't terribly concerned as I figured I'd be over the jump area the whole time. All these early mornings are going to catch up to me, though. I think it's nap time.

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