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days days days

Today was a fun day. I woke up at 7ish (ick) and went to Valley Forge to join with a park clean-up. The task of our group was to obscure a few unofficial used mountain bike paths. We met some disappointed mountain bikers and a jogger. Some of the paths we covered up were to prevent gulleys or something from forming, which could damage the local area. Not really sure we needed to cover the bike path, but it was fun doing, anyhow. Would be nice if they could make them more official and somewhat maintained. Did a few things, like a 'tent set up contest'. I came close, and I think I got a consolation prize, but I'll find out more on Monday. I believe it's just a hydration pack, which, I really don't need another. I started getting a headache, and it got worse right after the tent thing. I totally forgot to try kayaking, but I'll get a chance another time, I guess.

Headache and all, I rode back to Conschohoken and went to Micheal's to get a pillow for the dog thing. They didn't have any zippers, so I'm not sure where to go next. Hmm, there's a fabrics store right near a Whole Food's supermarket, so maybe there. I got a bit of yarn to attempt a project for Becki's kids. There's a cute pullover for a 4 year old, but her kids are only 15 and 28 months. So, still a bit small. I'll prolly make it anyhow and, it'll be finished by the time the older one can fit it.

Came home, took a cold shower and a nap for 4 hours. Woke up and still had the headache. It's close to midnite and I'm feeling like I could sleep, so I guess the nap didn't affect that =) It's insanely hot. I think I want to move to Iceland. The weather doesn't look like it'll break for a week.

I racked my mead. It is clearing up pretty well. The brix reading was like 10.2. Not positive. My drop may have been damp, and I took the drop off of some yeast I stuck in the refrigerator to drop so I could get a clear measurement.

Tomorrow, maskm and I are going to see Iron Man at 1:50 at Plymouth Meeting. Anyone that wants to is welcome to join.

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