-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

no skydiving

I didn't go skydiving yesterday (or today). I'm sad. I did go through the 5 hour ground course, though. The windy and rainy weather put a damper on the actual jump. I was planning on doing the jump today, but that didn't go through, so I'll most likely be doing it next week, instead. Next Saturday, I have plans to do a park clean-up, too. So, it'll be a busy weekend. Every weekend feels like a busy weekend.

I'm mostly done the dog. I need a zipper and a pillow and to make the eyes. I realized that I skipped 3 rows of stiches on his nose, so his face is more squat than it should be. I sewed him all up, though.

I want to drink my wine, but I've still got 2 more weeks to wait before I should open it.

If i update twitter, it updates my journal for that day. So, I don't even have to post anything interesting to get posts in, now. Not that much of what I post is interesting. But, it's usually longer than 140 chars.

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