-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

holiday foods

My tummy wants to esplode. I had yummy foods today. Too much of it, I think. I got my Friendly's Wattamelon - which I've been wanting for a few years. I was gunna pick one up for a holiday last year, but the Frandly's was alll outta them, so I was sad. So, this year, I gots mine!

Yesterday was a fun night at Matt Black's. I had some grilled foodstuffs, and sweets, and some wine. I'm trying to track the calories, but I think I'll stop here since Spark and FitDay have almost the same number for yesterday (3347 and 3348). I'm sure I nibbled a bit more, but it's cute to have similar numbers for a change. To compare with todays numbers (sp 2,376 fd 3387). I have no idea what to believe! I do believe my tummy is really not happy with the amount of stuff in there, and I should probably be drinking some tasty beverage (I'm making some tea). I've eaten enough for a few days, so should prolly avoid food for a while.

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