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Steaks are expensive. I'm an idiot? Heh. I just spent $76 on 4 steaks, 5 hamburgers, an 8pack of burger rolls and an eel and rice dish. That's beyond the moneys I already spendied on sausages and hot dogs. I made up the super-tasty black bean "poor man's caviar" with avocado. I forgot the green onions, though. Tonight, one bbq. Tomorrow another. Should I make chicken skewers tonight or tomorrow? I may not have time tomorrow. I should prolly cut up finger veggies and stuff tonight.

This weekend is busy, and it is still too soon to drink my wine. I'm gunna make a cabernet savagnion next. Should order it soon. It'll be ready to drink in like a year. Hah. I wanted something that will take forever to age. I think we also need a wine rack or something. I'll have like 50 bottles of the stuff. I need to improve on the bottling, though. I think having cork stick outta the bottle is tacky. Heh. Aaron brewed a batch of beer and then he bottled a batch of beer.

Nap time!

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