-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

three day weekends

I slept until almost 3pm today. I woke up, had a half cup of coffee, and went back off to bed. Slept and slept. Not sure why I slept so much, but it reaffirmed my desire not to do a 7-day/week study schedule towards my nursing degree. The burnout would kill me. I'm debating going jogging or something today. It's almost 8pm, I'm still tired, and it's too late for coffee. Maybe I could just ride the cycletrainer and not go outside.

Tomorrow is the Kill Grill pickanicka. I got some sausages for that. Monday I'm going to Jesse's place for some more grilling fun. I picked up some sausages and hamburgers and stuff for that. Tomorrow I'll prep the foods to briing. We spent $175 at whole foods mostly for the pickanickas. Crazy spending.

I should try to get the crochet stuffed doggie thing done for Jesse Jr. I have 2 paws and 2 ears left.
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