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I'm sleepy. I wonder if I can get to the morning yoga thing at the gym. I can take the train in, do yoga (starts at 8:30), get to work, take the train home. I'm feeling a bit beat up from getting back in to biking, and it's nice to have a day offa school. Sad I won't get much sleep, though. I wonder if I can muster leaving the house by 7:30 if I wake up at my usual time - 3 alarm clocks between 6:45 and 7:15 with snooze snooze snooze. It would be nice to get the morning yoga done, though, and have a day offa biking. Two weekdays off would be nice (wed and Friday) and then doing a training ride on the weekends would be super, and mebbe try running. I managed a whole mile (well, almost - gave up on the hill at the end). Right now, my legs are just sore. And I think I'm too dehydrated to drink wine - I wake up groggy sometimes.

School seems okay so far. Class is starting dreadfully late since the classroom is in a computer room that needs to be unlocked before we can begin. Not sure why he needs a computer room to show us a power point presentation when he could just as easily get a laptop with projector in any other room. Not sure how it'll go. I want an A, of course, so I guess I hafta study. BLEH. When can I crochet if I'm studying?

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