-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

not enough sleep

Class has begun. So far so good? My professor uses power point like it's going out of style. Nothing fancy, mostly text, a few scanned pictures thus far. Took like an hour to get into the room, though. Heard mixed things about the prof. We're studying blood. Hopefully this means I can ace my first exam. Five exams, one is dropped. I don't know about anything else in the grading policy. Seven week classes can be a challenge. But, I should get it done quickly enough.

Today FitDay and SparkPeople are 100 calories or so different.


And in the morning.. (I forgot to post last night). I'm, well, tired. 6 hours of sleep isn't enough. I really shouldn't get to bed at 1am. Doesn't give me enough sleep, and then I wake up like I am now, grogggy. I gotta get organized to run off to workie.

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