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I finished the first 13 weeks of a volunteer program at HUP. I don't know if I'll continue with it or not. I'm glad to be done, overall. I do wish there was more volunteery stuff I felt like doing. I won't have time for the next 8 weeks while I take Anatomy & Physiology II, but I'll see how I feel afterwards.

I signed up for Vox. This will be my first post there. I was bored, using the Blog It application on facebook. I find it funny. It's on facebook (a bloggy thing), backed by Six Apart (who ownz LiveJournal), advertised on liveJournal, powered by something, and, advertises Vox. I have no idea if I'll do more than update my journaly things from here. I really don't need any more stuff to pay attention to.

My wallet still hasn't turned up. I've cancelled all of my credit cards except the one that I have memorized and (and have some bills attached to). Maybe I'll stick to a different card strictly for online purchases. And it won't travel in my wallet so I won't have worries next time if it disappears.

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