-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

Donations Requested

I'm in Team CHOP. I'm doing both the City to Shore and the Pennsylvania Dutch tour, which is raising money for Multiple Sclerosis. The NMSS on a national level helps fund some reasearch to fight the disease. There are also 'chapters' in the local areas that do fund-raising, and they help provide care for people in their homes, including carers and weelchairs.. Both Bike tours have a $250 minimum requirement, but I wanted to try for more for the City to Shore. So, please feel free to donate!

Pennsylvania Dutch Tour: ($250 min)

City To Shore: ($1000 Goal)

I really suck at fund raising, though I managed to get the $1000 at least twice for the City to Shore. Does anyone have any suggestions for stuff I could do as a fund raiser?

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