-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

the future is coming

I want to apply to Drexel. I should write a personal statement, since my grades won't get me in alone. I have no idea what to write. Anyone want to write one for me?

I got a nice copy of the introductory 26 language disks from Rosetta Stone, thanks to a suggestion from a friend on LJ. Now I'm playing it, and happy that I can remember bits and pieces of the alphabet (but not quite up to reading yet). It seems nice. Cars are "Machina". It seems like it will be a lot of learning cats, dogs, horses, elephants, cars, balls, airplanes and people. I wonder what else would be in there.

I wonder if I killed my wine. I put something into it to get a sample to test for specific gravity, but it dropped all the way in. I wonder if I've infected my wine with something scary, now. The good thing is that I can add the other stuff anytime. I do need some more benonite or something.

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