-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

today's nonsense

Racked the wine. Now I'm drinking the yeastie bit that was left at the bottom of the bucket. It's tangy. I like it, still sweet! YaY. Now, it sits for like 10 more days (back in the bathtub). Then, I add the sulfites, and 3ish weeks later, I get to bottle the wine! Weee! I better hurry up and gather some bottles! I wonder if drinkying yeastie wine is bad for you, or if it's like eating yogurt.

I took an abs class at the gym today. I felt like throwing up a few times on the ride home. I'm sure I'll be in pain tomorrow (I took an Alleve already). I want to take a Yoga class tomorrow, but I may be too sore. My neck is sore, too, silly workouts. Bike commuting is nice again, though. I may change my mind next week when I probably have 'showers' to deal with.

My newly bought tomato plants seem happy. I wonder how well I'll take care of them this year. I need a retainer thing so I can collect rainwater outside and use that to water the plants, since I'm usually too lazy to fill the water pail. I want some happy tomatoes for this year, though. Not sure what else to plant. I've got 4 tomatoes, rosemary, lavendar, peppermint, chives and strawberries. (Everything but the Tomatoes are from last year).

I can't wait. My Developmental Psychology class is almost over! I'll be school freee! I have no concrete plans to take any additional courses. Possibly Anatomy and Physiology II if it's required by a school I get into. But, that's not right now.

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