-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Sunday I'm doing the Girls with Gears bike thing. Oriignally, I had hoped to do the entire 62 miles. But, this year has been the year of the lazy, I caught a few colds, and then the last 2 weeks have been the film festival, so I haven't really been biking much at all. So, that means that I'm completely out of shape, and don't forsee a 62 mile ride happening. I'm thinking the 25 miler (moderate hills) may be more my speed (even 40 miles (hilly) seems like too much for me). So, I can be a bum. At least I don't feel sick, and the weather isn't adding to my laziness (as rain and snow and cold were also helping me take the train).

Thus far, I've raised, well, nothing for it. The money is being raised to help awareness of women's heart disease (which is the #1 killer of women).

Sponsor me?

The MS bike tours are later (July and September). I better be ready for them, dammit!

I took a yoga class again today. It's so infrequent, I'm going to die of soreness tomorrow (once the alleve wears off).
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