-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

beer and food

Yesterday was fun. Went to a beer making class at the Philadelphia Brewery (formerly the Yards brewery, now with new name and new recipes). We did a tour of the building, and got a brief history of the brewery. Not too much detail into the split. Since none of the beers in progress were bottled or ready to drink, we were instead offered some homebrew from the guy that owns a homebrew store in South Philly. At the meetup, we talked to a couple from Springfield, and then I saw an old friend from when I went to Temple (in 1992). I haden't seen him in years and years. He looked a lot the same (I don't). His girlfriend was there, and she seemed nice. Overall, the even was fun. Then Aaron and I went to my aunt's house (about a mile away), and had soup. It was okay, nice to see her again. I really need to visit more often.

Then we ventured home, attacked the supermarket. I got 10 packs of Hamburger Helper for $10. I figured, hell, I've never tried the stuff. I made some when I got home. Debating if I'll make more.. it's _really_ salty, and not particularly good. Granted there are a lot of flavors to try.. Maybe this wont' be a $10 box of hamburger helper (but maybe it will). I'm also making a fake Quiche - http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Easy-Quiche/Detail.aspx I say "fake" since you don't really make a crust for it. In theory, the crust will find its way to the bottom, and the eggy stuff to the top. We shall see, but the comments lead me to believe it's not really quiche like.

I'm also thinking I need more LJ userpics.

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