-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

Cats and Teeth

CC has been helping me rip Aaron's CDs by sitting on the case and keeping them warm. Brak finds the kitty seat more appealing.

I had my last wisdom tooth taken out today. I am no longer wise. I'm surprised I was in the first place. I dont feel pain, but I've been eating lots of ibuprofin. It really seems to work on tooth pain for me. I have some penicillin and tyelenol-3 tho. I feel nauseous from (thinking I have been) swallowing blood all day long. And I get kinda queasy when I imagine my tooth being pulled out (the grindy sounds). I felt tired earlier, but doing better now. I know the swelling will just get worse over the next few days, though. A coworker said he was swollen for a year. I think I'd die. I did get panicky in the chair, and kept thinking "please just go out quickly". Then I got scared that the rest of my teeth would follow suit. The injection stuff can do funny stuff to my brain.

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